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My readings pull on various aspects to give you a full and complete answer. I aim to empower and help you achieve the best you can. For this reason I will not simply feed you answers as that disempowers you. Instead, I help you see the steps needed to achieve your best outcome in this situation, I will also support you in achieving this. I am a qualified life coach and find this benefits me greatly in my readings.

When you come to me you may not hear what you want to hear, but you will hear the truth and what you need to hear. This is to allow you to take control of your own life and help you move forward. I will use information given to me by my guides and through simply reading your energy. The first information is usually empathic and clairaudient (hear), as we connect further this deepens and allows me to see your situation from all angles. Together, we can help you achieve your goals.

My clients tell me that I consistently provide them with clear, honest answers delivered in a way they can understand. I am always happy to clarify and expand along with focusing on any particular area you may wish to any/or any area you may be stuck with.

I believe that you come deserving the best. For this reason if I feel we are not connected or I am unable to answer your question fully, I will say. I would always rather refer on if needed then give an inaccurate or unsatisfactory reading. Equally, please come into your reading with an open mind and heart ready to receive the answers given. I work best with clients who are open to the truth and whose energy is aligned with mine.


I do offer email readings along with chat, phone and video.

One question by email is $10,
Two questions are $15.
Please message me for anything longer than this and I can work with you.

I will give you the truth regardless of whether or not that is what you want to hear. I do predict the future but rather than giving you straight answers I work best by showing you ways in which you are able to move forward yourself and the lessons you are being shown at the moment so that you are able to help yourself long term rather than relying on me to help you. I encourage your own independance rather than dependance on me or other readers. Although I do offer timeframes these are not what I am best at and not set in stone

Experience and Qualifications

Crystal Healing
Colour therapy
Spiritual healing
Life coaching

However I do believe that degrees and certifications don’t necessarily make a good psychic. Whilst my qualifications have helped me along this path nothing compares to experience and learning to tune in and interpret the information given. My reviews speak for themselves in relation to this.

My abilities include:
Clairvoyance (Seeing)
Claircognizance (Knowing)
Clairaudience (Hearing)
Energy Readings
Tarot Readings
Angel Readings

I grew up in a very spiritualist family and so have been learning to read energy and use "tools" from a very young age. This experience has been developed and "fine-tuned" through years of practice both personally and professionally.

Following completion of the various healing qualifications mentioned above. I started working publicly as a reader on various sites in 2008. Across all platforms I have a 5 star rating and many, many repeat clients who come back to me over and over again as they find me to be a compassionate, accurate reader.


Working hours

Every day from 9:00 to 19:00


psychicat 25 February in 13:40 Well, we got disconnected and didnt got into the reading. But she makes sure we are connected well before hire which I like. :)

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