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As a natural energy healer I focus a lot on the energy in a situation. During an aura reading I help clients understand his or her energy body, how energies affects life experience, and review strategies to achieve goals more effectively. This session is also good for reviewing the energy in relationships.

I specialize in many types of energy healing including Reiki healing, psychic healing, aura and chakra balancing, removing psychic debris, stress relief, and past life healing. I am a Master in four Reiki traditions.

I also do psychic readings using intuition, empathy, angels and guides to help each client discover his or her true destiny. A significant amount of my work is with the archetypal energies represented by the archangels.

Although I do not always use tools in my sessions, to maximize per minute clients I do occasionally use the tarot and lithomancy (crystal reading).


Ordained New Thought Christian Minister since 2007

Usui Reiki Ryoho Master Practitioner

Vedic Karuna Ki Master Practitioner

Kagami Reiki Master Practitioner

Egyptian Seichim Reiki Master Practitioner

Lithomancy (crystal reading)

Tarot Reading: Occasionally I will use tarot with a client. This is usually to confirm information that I am already sensing about a situation.

Experience and Qualifications

I began my professional psychic and energy healing practice over 10-years ago, utilizing several traditions and styles. I started out providing readings alongside my mentor, at time time not using any tools.

On occasion, my teacher would use a set of tarot cards, but as I came from an Evangelical Christian background, I preferred not to use any psychic tools. But, over time, I discovered the value and knowledge that could be gleaned from various techniques and he began using Angel Oracle cards in his sessions.

I began traveling to psychic fairs and new age bookstores and adopted a successful method of card reading, relying on the Tarot and Sacred Geometry Cards. These cards are beautifully illustrated and are a bit different from a regular tarot set.

The use of crystals became a worthwhile passion. I have been fascinated with their beauty and energy ever since I was a teenager. I owned a small set of crystals and was primarily interested in their metaphysical qualities, finding the resonant energy in their matrix to be a wonderful method to forecast the future.

Over the past several years, I’ve become an expert Lithomancy reader, a type of Cleromancy which utilizes the high vibration of crystals to channel Spirit.

Reiki is another useful tool for clients who are interested in not only gaining insight but interactively improving their future.

I blend techniques from several traditions and have provide the insight I’ve received to my clients.


Working hours

Every day from 9:00 to 19:00


steviet1 10 January in 18:22 Very Nice man! and explains things well! thank you:)
alicat04 8 October in 02:20 First reading with James and he was quick, clear and detailed. Very helpful! Thank you.
jstmedreamn 16 March in 03:38 Ive Had Several Readings from James, he has always helped and I would always recommend him :)
cappygal 9 March in 03:17 Thank you James for the wonderful reading! You were bang on, and I appreciate your honesty! Would highly recommend you in the future and to others that wish to hear the truth!

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