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We are 5 generations of British gypsy cartomancers. It is me and my mum, and our deceased grandmothers - all skilled cartomancers! My mum, however is not able to do readings anymore, so it is just me. The current holder of the title gypsy cartomancer of Essex.


Most of my clients are women in their early 20es - late 40es, looking for love. So, in the process of building my career path, I have become a confident love advisor. Everybody will want a king of clubs in their card spread (a serious man, you can rely on), but sometimes you get a king of spades (an emotional abuser/manipulator) or a jack of diamonds (immature mama's boys). Life is allabout being lucky! Call me and we can see what life has on offer for you.
Also, consult me about your career. I am very good at sensing problems with colleagues.

Experience and Qualifications

I have around 15 years' experience in card readings. In our traveller community the relationship between a human and nature is particularly strong.
We do not follow common rules and that white people have, so we learn to experience life earlier, keeping that connection with the pace of life, and always being one step ahead ...
Pain, relationship problems, money issues hit us even stronger than most Europeans, so we have learned to believe in God, but consult faith and destiny whenever our 5th sense tells us to.


Working hours

Every day from 9:00 to 19:00


psychicat 12 April in 16:47 She was straight forward, honest, and friendly. Answered all my questions!
steviet1 28 December in 16:36 Very helpful! and very kind. Thank you!

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