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Australian based advisor.
The runes can reveal the thoughts and feelings of others.
The runes can tell you how future events will play out if you continue on your current path.
The runes respond well to specific questions.
My readings are more accurate if you can provide a little background and have your questions ready.
Predictions – I can tell you what is most likely to happen if you continue on your current path. The runes can offer guidance on the best action to take to get the outcomes you want. Predictions can change due to free will.

time frames – are not set in stone as things are ever changing but I can give you confirmation on the event happening and an estimate on when it will happen.


Love and career readings.
I don't do general readings so have your questions ready. It helps with accuracy if I have a little background to the situation so I can ask the runes the right questions.

Experience and Qualifications

20 years working with the runes.
Qualified Counsellor
Certified Crystal Healer
Certified Crystal Master


Working hours

Every day from 9:00 to 19:00

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steviet1 15 July in 14:20 Was first time speaking with her. She was very kind and direct and to the point! thank you so much for your help!
alicat04 24 June in 09:15 Always a good reading. Tonight picked up very quickly on details she could not have known. Recommend!
alicat04 29 April in 03:27 Great! Quick and very clear. Thank you!
alicat04 25 April in 09:28 Very, very helpful reading. Thank you.

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