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Relationship, Life Path, Success
Where are we heading? What do I need to know? What is going on with this person, situation, problem? How can I improve this? Intentions? What are the possibilities if I choose to __? How can I understand the other person? What can I learn about this relationship?

I don’t need tools or tons of information to tap in, only your real name and date of birth. My sessions are warm and empowering but I don’t encourage dependency. Honest answers. No fairy-tales, or timeline/when fixations here. I can tell you about the most key influences on the map for you right now and tell you where you’re heading but you create and build your future and relationships in each moment as you and other people make choices.


I can focus on many different topics but I specialize in focusing on relationships and helping you expand your own awareness to release blockages towards success, intimacy and relating with the key people in your life. Is what you're thinking and feeling reality or are you caught up in fear or denial? The most important relationship of all is your connection to YOURSELF so I can help you find some areas of self-focus to improve your life and tune in to your own intuition and inner-compass. Get your "zing" back!

Family, Home, Relationship, Creativity, Purpose, Success, are all topics I can guide you in. I have an action-oriented, positive, practical perspective on spiritual growth so all my work is designed to keep you grounded and aware of your choices, thoughts, perspectives - so you can be effective and have what you most desire! In addition to unassisted clairvoyant/intuitive readings I can do oracle readings, intuitive dream interpretations, and help you focus your energy with intention and power.

NOTE: *I do not do "WHEN" contact readings, readings on birth, death, medical diagnosis and I don't give out legal advice. I do not do spells or try to sell "cleansings" etc. - I firmly believe that power lies within each person's free will and conscious loving choices and that no person can force or make other people change. Please note I do chat sessions instead of Video sessions (you can still type to me in the chat room in "video" mode but there is no live camera/voice)

Experience and Qualifications

"“An amazing and gifted reader who picked up sooo many detailed and accurate points about this very complex situation. I’ll be back without a doubt!” –P

Formal and informal Education in: Biological Sciences, Spirituality, Philosophy, Sociology/Psychology, Fine Arts, Music. I have a specific focus in: balanced relationship, self-connection, how we shape and create our lives and compassionate, action oriented spiritual emphasis. No mumbo jumbo, fluff, spell sales or nonsense. Grounded info keeps you here and now! Feel excited and connected to life instead of dull, fearful and lost.

I’ve given professional readings since 1987, alongside my career as a writer and artist. People from all over the world including moms, couples, celebrities and other psychics have sought me out for clarity and intelligent insight. All my life I have been empathic and intuitive, and can read uncanny details about people, situations, thoughts and emotions and see where you’re heading but, most importantly, I can help you actually use this information to understand and decipher your relationship so you can create a path towards success and connection. I own my own web business (since 1995) and have written numerous articles in the field of relationship-building and music/art, spirituality/philosophy and the paranormal. I have been on radio and am a classical musician.


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